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Adrian Price, founder and Kiwi businessman for over twenty years, answered the call for a solution to a commercial and residential need for easy, hassle-free property maintenance under one roof – a one-stop-shop for maintenance services that are notoriously frustrating to deal with.

Commercial businesses and residential clients have very different needs. Maintenance providers are generally geared for either one or the other, but rarely for both. The services offered are also specific and limited in their scope. This means clients on both sides have to go through the process of finding multiple service providers for their various maintenance jobs, compare multiple quotes, deal with varying response times and availability, as well as having to deal with differing degrees of expertise and customer service.

Within this context, Adrian’s passion for creating a small but efficient team delivering exceptional service, while addressing the need for simplicity and effectiveness, Connect Property Services came to be.

Connect Property Services is geared to look after a variety of maintenance jobs for both commercial and residential clients in Auckland – one point of connection to discuss your requirements, one quote, the same level of expertise and customer service across all jobs, one contact person, one bill, one payment. It can’t get any easier than that. 

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“Our team and culture is the heart of the business, driven by a deep care to make things easier for others. It’s about the client’s journey with the team as much as the team’s journey with each other”